Koi Princess Slot

Evangelion games are not the only video games to have come out of the anime film industry. There are also video games like Pokemon, Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, and Street Fighter that have left its brand all over the world.

Newer games like Koi Princess Slot have also appeared online. This site transforms physical slot machines into an internet game to make it easier for people who enjoy them. Koi Princess Slot was created by the company NetEnt, and this game is one of its most featured packed slots so far. What makes it unique, however, is the background of the game, the character, and the overall theme. The anime elements incorporated in the game are the oriental landscape background, the temple that can be seen in the distance, and the Koi Princess herself. The Princess herself will guide and accompany players all throughout the game as they spin. She can be seen at the right side of the screen.

This game is not only for those who are competitive players on slot machines as it is also highly suitable for casual players. For players who live outside Japan, this game gives the illusion of being in the country even though you’re only seeing it on a computer screen. Through the oriental background and the anime vibe, there’s no need to travel to Japan to have some fun! Everything that the creators put into the game makes it very difficult to dislike, and Koi Princess Slot is a great game especially for avid fans of Japanese pop culture, fiction, and anime.

Game Features

Koi Princess offers a variety of slot machine games and it offers great payouts and a lot of bonuses. There are bonus games, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a lot more to choose from. There is also a part in the game wherein there are 5 reels with 20 lines (which is a new thing for NetEnt to add to their games) that are equipped with random features. This can be enabled for 1 spin, and for the player to activate more bonus features, it can be done by unlocking the Bonus Bet mode. If ever the player spins three bonus symbols at one time, 1 of the 4 extra bonus features get activated, and the player could get free spins, free coins, and even a bonus wheel. The game also has random features that could just pop up unexpectedly when players spin, and this makes it so exciting, so much so that players never know what’s coming next.


NetEnt has created a lot of slot games, but what makes Koi Princess more attractive (aside from the captivating anime graphics, of course) to players are the bonus features. A large portion of the game’s action is found in the bonus games and not really in the main reels. It’s very easy to play and set bets, but for players to unlock the bonuses and increase the amount that they are likely to get from the payouts, they need to be aware of the game’s bonus features. All the bonus round features randomly appear throughout the game, so players are always on the lookout for them and this makes it difficult to stop playing.

Bonus Bet

The Bonus Bet is a special feature that will activate all of the game’s bonuses, and once this is enabled, the players will have a higher chance of winning either a bonus or a random feature reward from any of the four major bonus games available. The Bonus Bet is the best way to take full advantage of the game’s features and design. Wild symbols trigger bonuses too, so players need to keep an eye out for them.

Major Bonuses

There are four major bonuses found within the game that players can choose from. The first bonus is the 5 Hit Random Spin. This bonus gives players a sure win by giving five matching symbols in the next spin. It’s important for players to have placed a big bet since this bonus gives quite a huge return. This makes it one of the great bonuses to get while playing the game.

Another bonus is the Wild Reels. This bonus gives players a very strong chance in landing a payout on the next spin, and it also converts anywhere from two to five reels during a free spin into wild reels.

The next bonus is the Random Wild feature. This kind of bonus functions in such a way that the slot will pick from four up to nine reels and put wild symbols on these reels for the next spin. A lot of results can come from this bonus feature, but the most exciting one yet is that the Random Wild feature could trigger a full bonus game.

The last bonus, which is also called the Main Bonus Game, players are given the chance to spin the wheel. There are no losses in the wheel, but instead, there are four possible outcomes that will determine the players’ prize. True to its name, the “Coin Win” will give players the chance to pick up an instant coin win. The “Bonus Wheel” will let players spin the wheel in order to determine how many coins the player can get. There is also a possibility for the players to win two free spins from the Bonus Wheel. The “Wild Reels” will give players 10 free spins with a random number of reels that are all wild reels. Lastly, the “Sure Win” will allow players to get 10 free spins just like the “Wild Reels” win, but this one will just have normal reels. This last kind of win is one of the bonuses that will give the most profit because the player’s minimum win for all 10 free spins is equal to the biggest win the player has ever received in one session.


What makes it stand out from other slot machines is that there is a lot of weight on the bonus games, and the higher players put on the Bonus Bet mode, the higher their payout will be. Based on research, the payout of the Koi Princess Slot game is at a whopping 96%, and this places the game at the list of top tier slot games by payout. Koi Princess Slot draws a large number of players due to the bonuses and random features which makes the game not only exciting but also highly rewarding. Players can start betting anywhere from £.20 to £200 for every spin, and if the bonuses and extra features are maximized, players could walk away with a lot more money than they started with.

Basics of Playing the Game

These are the basic things players need to know before they play or if they’re already on site, while they’re playing the game. The most important thing is this – the spin button. Two circular arrows represent the spin button, and this knowledge is very important as this is the first thing players need to look for. If you’re having a hard time, there’s no need to fear, because the Koi Princess is just at the side to help you out.

Another feature in the game is the autoplay feature. This allows you to sit back and relax while still playing, and all you need to do to access this special feature is to set how many times you want the slot machine game to spin without any interruptions.

If you have a tight budget, the game would still be rewarding, but you won’t be able to unleash its full potential. Setting the bet or bonus feature at max will help you get the best playing experience and the best chance to win big and have a high payout from the extra bonuses.

One more thing to look out for in the game is the wave icon which stands for the wild symbol. This one gives the highest value on the paytable because the word “wild” is literal in this case and the symbol can substitute for a lot of other symbols, so players need to make sure they catch this symbol when it appears.

Another important symbol is the Golden Dragon. This icon represents the scatter symbol, and though it doesn’t give as much winnings as the wild symbol, it could still boost the payout of players. A bonus round is awarded to those players who get the Golden Dragon on the first, third, and fifth reel in one spin.

Where to Play Koi Princess Slot

Now that you know all about Koi Princess Slot, the next question on your mind must be – “Where do I play this game?”Koi Princess Slot can be played on many online casinos. You can have a look at tragaperrasespanolas.com to find your favorite casino! For the Spanish market, this can be played online at CEE – La información más reciente. For the Deutsche market, it can be accessed through the online casino – Sunmaker Casino. Other popular online casinos that feature Koi Princess Slot are Oranje Casino, Live Casino House, and Fun88. More information about this game can also be found at AsianCasinoClub.