Animated Games

Long before Disney came around with their animated cartoons of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, and the rest, Asia had its very own source of animated cartoons called anime. The word “anime” is not really an abbreviation of “animation”. Rather, it is the way “animated cartoon” is said in Japanese. For Japanese, anime refers to any kind of animated cartoon. But to the rest of the world, anime refers to Japanese-made animated cartoons, or even any animated show or movie that uses the Japanese method for animating, designing, and creating characters and scenes in cartoon shows.

There was a period in the entertainment industry which paved the way for the combination of anime with video games. The first video game that was created based on an anime film was Super Mario Bros., and it has gone on to be one of the most played anime games through the years.

Over 340 anime series have been recorded to have aired on television. Netflix and Amazon Prime are also strong supporters in the production and licensing of anime.

Anime-Based Games

Neon Genesis Evangelion, or simply called, Evangelion, has influenced various media forms through the years, and video games are not an exception. As such, there have been Evangelion Games released in the market that are taken from the hit series.

These are the top ten Evangelion games that every Evangelion fan has played:

Neon Genesis Evangelion: First Impression

This is the first video game that was released based on the series. A DVD version was later created. There are a lot of differences from this game and the series because this was marketed before Evangelion ended. The game has two modes: a combat mode and a scenario mode. In the combat mode, players fight against the Angel. Whereas in the scenario mode, players make choices based on the characters’ dialogues.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Second Impression

The new version of First Impression was released after the first game. The game is very similar to a visual novel that allows players to choose dialogues and interact with other characters in the game. The other part of the game allows the player to battle a new kind of Angel which can only be defeated if its core is destroyed. The twist of the game is that the Angel’s core is inside Mayumi – the new student befriended by Shinji.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This game is the only one released on the Nintendo 64, and it follows the major battles found in the Evangelion series. To make it even nicer, it also features footage from the series. The game has 13 missions for the players to accomplish, each with its own tasks and challenges. All missions face off against the Angels, and they are all unique to the game itself. Aside from the mission mode, there is also a Simulation mode and Versus mode wherein players can play with other players.

Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact

From the name itself, this game features the classical scores and original music of the Evangelion soundtrack. This game was released for the PlayStation Portable or PSP, and it has 6 different game modes that players can choose from. It also showcases 30 individual tracks from the Rebuild films and the classic Evangelion songs.

Secret of Evangelion

This game was originally released for PlayStation 2, but a version for Windows and the PlayStation Portable was later on released as well. Players use an original character here, and it is an interactive game that requires players to connect with other characters to let the story unfold. There are different outcomes for every player depending on how much or how little they use their character to interact with other characters.

Evangelion VR The Throne Of Souls: Berserk

This is one of the most modern Evangelion games to date, and it gives players the authentic feel of riding and flying an EVA. Up to four players can play at a time, but unfortunately, it is only available in Japan. For those who want to experience what it’s like to be an EVA pilot, this experience shouldn’t be missed when visiting the country.